Our book project about the

Responsive Educations

This project is designed as a process study focusing on discovering, uncovering, developing and sharing the most effective innovative practices and ways of creating learning spaces and stimulating learning behaviour in european education today, with a keen eye on future needs and demands.


In collaboration with 10 european front runner schools and institutions we seek to tease out, through case studies, interviews, and workshops, what works for children and teachers and what new methods and approaches are being tried out. We will also raise awareness and discuss themes that parents, teachers, and school leaders face when they wish to create a different learning environment and need to tackle local and state regulations.


All is to be captured in a book, co-written by the collaborating school, institutions and educators. The aim of the book is to share stories, approaches, tools, methods and mindsets relevant for today's educators and changemakers in europe, and perhaps beyond.

The Project Description

In recent years a number of scientists, educators and researchers have pointed out that the current education system in the western world is designed to operate for the industrial age, which makes it unable to educate students to deal effectively with complexity, ambiguity and transformation - the factors that characterizes our dynamic modern society.


Therefore, if we want to help our children create and develop the skills needed in the approaching future, we have to be willing to try out practices and ways of learning and teaching that will result in fundamental shift away from the way we understand and do educate children today.

The aim of this project is to support a future society in touch with its evolutionary purpose. A future where educations and organizations are more holistic, purposeful, human centered and seeks their highest potential.

Karin Ivertsen

Sidsel Andersen

This project is rooted in a collaboration between Sidsel  and Karin who both, as part of their working and private lives, are curious about the dilemmas and opportunities in modern education and keen to understand what is being done and could be done better in learning institutions

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We believe it is needed to create a fundamental shift in the way we educate - ourselves and others. 

We want to find out: 

“How schools and teachers are dealing withHow we can develop schools to become healthy, courageous and creative learning communities?” 

“How can we preserve the good that is there already, build on to this, and take it to the next level needed for these times of change we live in?” 

"What are the templates and ideas out there, that can be used by others to improve and propel future education development?"

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