Radical Collaboration Training focusing on Teams

We are organising the Radical Collaboration Training focusing on TEAMS in Bern from March 20-22 2020. ​Come as an individual or bring your whole team along. 


This training will be a unique opportunity to explore your individual and collective patterns of collaboration in a true learning environment together with other individuals and teams. 

We do this training in collaboration with euforia 


Radical Collaboration is a training that works on the inner side of business and work, and helps you to build more effective relationships - the very foundation of collaboration. When things start to get difficult or complex a strong relational basis is the key to move forward effectively and creatively. If this fundament isn’t build properly you can’t expect great results. That is why Radical Collaboration works not only with methods, processes and structures but also focuses on inner attitudes, skills, and self-awareness. Peter Senge, author of the 5th discipline and senior lecturer at MIT, writes: “It is not the absence of defensiveness that characterizes learning teams but the way defensiveness is faced.”

We expect that this training will allow you to:

  • Create and support a collaborative work environment

  • Explore your team dynamics and their individual roots

  • Develop a shared reference language and understanding on collaborative patterns

  • Deal more effectively with challenging situations and conflicts

  • Negotiate interest based solutions

  • Adopt a more collaborative mindset and attitude

  • Communicate skillfully and with more self awareness

  • Exchange with other teams to allow in-depth learning


20 - 22 of March 2020


Friday, 9.30 - 17.30 (lunch break 1 hour)

Saturday, 09.30 - 17.30 (lunch break 1 hour)

Sunday, 09.30 - 17.00 (lunch break 1 hour)


NPO (not for profit organizations) = 800.- CHF
FPO (for profit organizations) = 1300.- CHF

euforia members = 450,- CHF

SIGN UP: Sidsel.s.andersen@gmail.com


The training will take place at Innovationsdorf, Wyllerringstrasse 36 in Bern.  

What does the journey look like?


Day 1

- First landing and sharing the theory and dynamics of collaboration, through practical experiences. 

- Learning about the 5 essential skills for building strong collaborative relationships.  

- Diving deeper into listening, understanding and working with your defensiveness. 

Day 2

- Understanding the inner and outer dynamics of conflict, personal interest and preferences and learning to use interest based negotiations.  

- Working on self awareness through the FIRO B self assessment process. 

Day 3

- Exploring self accountability, and the dilemmas attached to it. - Weaving learnings together, connecting different concepts and experiences as well as preparing for back home. 


Further information?

Check out more about the program in this flyer


And on the RC webpage.

Find the link to the facebook event you find here

Read more about our intention and our thinking for this training HERE

“Collaboration, it turns out, is not a gift from the gods but a skill that requires effort and practice.”  

Douglas B. Reeves


Sidsel has been working with group and team within many different fields. In her work she supports spaceholders, change makers and teachers in becoming stronger facilitators of dialogue.


Oswald works as facilitator to create the conditions where people can experience their capacity for profound change. As changemaker he leap into the unknown to help emergent potentials unfold.

This is the feedback we got from previous trainings:   


You created a safe atmosphere and facilitated interesting exchanges. Very well done! - Participant from October training 2018

It was not an ordinary experience, thanks to you guys the group met one another on a very deep level and unexpected processes were possible! - Mario Stankovic

Thank you very much! This 3 days were life changing for me. - Participant from October training 2018

I want to choose to include, control, be open in my everyday life. Be a chooser and not the chosen, sometimes. - Participant from October training 2018


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