Your 2017 is starting now! 

We invite you to make this year a different one,

a year where you will take time for deep self-reflection, and kickstart the process of sustainable change and new possibilities. 

Remember the change always start on the inside...

Do you have a curious mindset and an interest in growing yourself?

Are you interested in tools, methods and approaches that acknowledges the complexity of today's working and learning environments?

Are you open to spend time in and to learn more from nature?

And most important of all; Are you longing to give yourself some time out, some time to focus, and some time to take out insights just for YOU?

U-focus days is a journey for you - who wants to be more aware of your own actions and impact. Who wants to be more intentional about where you are moving towards. For you who wants to learn about yourself, you want to discover how to use your capacities in new ways and how you can lead your life better. You want to gain new professional and personal insights and master new tools and methods to work with your students, employers, employees, colleagues and yourself.


Modern life is full of responsibilities, obligations, and decisions. It is not always easy to navigate through the modern world defined by accelerating volatility, complexity and hyper-connectivity. When life is speeding and we move in an autopilot mode it is particularly important to slow down and look at where we are speeding towards. Surprisingly as we go life tends to become more and more packed and time becomes less and less.

What you need is to find time to reflect and to look at life from a distance - a distance that enables you to connect to yourself, get on top of things and kickstart this new year into the path of a full life.

We invite you to spend 4 days during the year to explore yourself - to reflect upon who you are and how you move.


The training will bring you cognitive, emotional and social tools and methods to have better self leadership, to work and to collaborate better with others.   

During U-focus days we will both work with self exploration, but also learn methodologies that explain the interaction between us and the way groups and systems work.


In each of the steps we will both reflect on what is, but also develop strategies and plan steps for what ought to be.


12th of March 2017

4th of June 2017

15th of Oktober 2017

3rd of December 2017


From 9.30 - 16.30

(lunchbreak from 12.00 - 13.00)


1000 CHF for all 4 (incl. tee, coffee, materials)

300 CHF for 1 of the days. 


You can sent an email directly to, or you can sign up below. 


You can see the location for the first workshop below

What does the journey look like?


The 4 trainings builds on each other but can be explored separately. The full journey aims to help you to build a foundation for effective decision making and a more conscious living.

“The self check in” - 12th of March

The day focuses on looking at your current situation from a distance and grow a new understanding of where you are.


“Emotional power” - 4th of June

The day brings the insights of how you can use your emotions as a power source instead of letting yourself be overwhelmed by them.


“The art of choice” - 15th of October

The day will open up new ways to make personal strategies and seeing potential and possibilities that were hidden before.


“Sustainable change” - 3rd of December

The day will focus on how you can sustain your decisions and face future setbacks and challenges in a new way.

What can you expect as a participant?

We are looking for a group, consisting of 10 - 15 diverse individuals. In the process and through the different exercises, you will use each other and engage with each other a lot. We invite couples and friends to join together.

During each training we will be active, still and we will work individually and in groups. For our proces we will use the nature to be in as much as possible, and we seek to host all 4 trainings in Bern and/or in Zürich.

Together they have found out, new ways of working and new ways of learning, spring from the same underlying need and builds on similar elements such as self leadership, authorship, self awareness and emotional intelligence.
Sidsel has been working with schools and alternative educations. In her work she support teachers in becoming stronger facilitators of learning processes, based on new and modern learning theory.  


Natalia has been working with the future of work, and explored how human centered organisations can be nurtured and supported. She supports teams and individuals at work to thrive and to better collaborate.

The tools and practices that we used comes from the following theories:  

- Radical Collaboration (Jim Tamm)

- Appreciative enquiry

- Delicate Lodge Teaching (Earth Wisdom) 

- Life coaching

- Group Dynamic (Jacob Levy Moreno)

- Kaospilots methodologies

- Theory U (Otto Scharmer)


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