Work experience:

2017 - 2019      Dialogue facilitation and training at collaboratio helvetica

2016 - 2018      Project leader of the community platform and program development at euforia.  

2016 - 2018      Community, Process og Facilitation. Consultant at "læ" and MaxMouritz consulting

2015                 Consultant and process facilitator for Ubuntu Academy, Cape Town, SA. Ubuntu Academy is a youth program that combines performing                              arts with entrepreneurship & leadership.  

2014 - 2016      Research and strategic consultation work for Unge Med Power. 


Some of my Training, Process and Workshop experiences:


2017                 Training at the national Swiss Scouts course - the PANO level, Bergün, Switzerland. A four hour workshop about developing selfwareness                            as well as exploring and understanding own patterns, defenses and roles in conflicts. The workshop aimed at bringing the participants                                 insights and useful tools, to support them in their daily lifes and work as scout leaders. 

2016                 Guest lecturing at Berner Fachhochschule. A creativity and option development workshop as part of a module in problem-                                                    solving and decision making, on the Bachelor of Business Administration. 

2016 - now       Teachers training, individual workshops, (9th,12th, 23th of April 2016, 28th of May 2016 and 3rd of December 2016) Bern and                                                Zürich, Switzerland.

2016                 Facilitating parts of the module PINC (Project Incubator). An innovative module, designed to emancipate and empower the students                                    abilities as social entrepreneurs and creative change makers. 

2015                 A process to develop organisational strategy, for MaxMouritz, Århus, DK 

2015                 Professional supplementary training Day for 40 teachers at Midtsjællands Gymnasium. A workshop about Systemical Thinking in Teaching                          and learning. Haslev, DK. 

2014                 Workshop facilitator for Grips Gewinnt, Hamburg. Grips Gewinnt is a youth program that helps talented and motivated students to                                        overcome social and economical challenges. 

2014                 Process facilitator of a tree day process, at the Sports Academy in Sønderborg, Frihedsalle 42, Sønderborg Denmark. Working with the                                school`s teambuilder education (20 people), on group dynamics and collective decision making.

2014                 Designing and executing a group assessment workshop, to select the new students for Kaospilot Switzerland in Bern  

2013                 Designing and executing development workshop for Nakultur, Lommiswil, Switzerland.

                         Nakultur is a company that works with trainings on culture, ecological tourism, holistic and sustainable lifestyle. 

Coaching experience:


2016 - now       Working as a Council guide. I am currently guiding a group of people who go through the Council Guide Training - an intensive training                                over 2 1/4 years consisting of 10 x 5 days, that take place every 3 months. My work during the training weeks consists of designing the                                learning process and teaching the methodology. In between the training weeks, the participants focus on integrational personal work,                                  where i guide and coach the participants individually. 

2013 - 2016      As part of my kaospilot education, where coaching has been one of the corner stones in learning how to support personal development, i                            have done a number of individual personal coachings. (examples: Thomas Roloff, Natalia Gartmann and Nina Meienberg) 

Experience in speaking and presenting:


2019               TEDX Luzern. The talk is called "In Dialogue with reality" 

2018                 Key note at the yearly conference of Aisec´s in Switzerland - about collaboratio helvetica

2017                Presenting "Euforia´s work and practice as an organisation based on self management" at the conference BEYOND - the global HR                                       leadership forum, Amsterdam, NL 

2017                Presenting "The vision and practice of the Learningproject", a 1 hour presentation done at the Sports Science department, at the University                         of Århus, Denmark. 

2016                Conference Moderation at The Tealcamp 2016, Thun, Switzerland (2 full days)

2016                Presenting "The future workworld in transformation" (1,5 hour). The presentation was part of ERNI days, an event made by ERNI consulting                           AG, to inspire and educate the consultants at chapters Zürich and Bern. 

2016                Presenting "How the generational change will influence business change" (1,5 hour). The context is the same as above.

2016                Presenting "The future of work and generation Y" at the ThinkInk workshop, Bern, Switzerland. (1 hour)


Experience in teambuilding and team development:


2016/2017        Designing, planning organising and executing training weekends, for the volunteer trainers at the Learningproject. The focus of the                                      weekends is to create a work culture of deep trust, a strong social connection and opportunities for collective creativity.                                                          Furthermore, the weekend provides a space for reflection and meta learning, to create also a focus on the participants personal                                            development and growth. 

2014                 Developing a teambuilding concept called “film opgaven” for Personaleklubben. Herlev, Denmark.

2013                 A team development project called: "Respect for people." Planning and executing a 2 day workshop for 60 people, with complex and                                  challenging exercises. A special focus on team deepbriefing and evaluation. 

2013                 Co-leading a Team development day for Oticon, 30 people. Personaleklubben.

2012                 Co-leading a Team development day for Nestle, 40 people. Personaleklubben.


Educational Background:


2019 - Now       Process work - Basis Lehrgang. 2 years training. (Institute for Process Oriented Psychology, Zürich) 

2016 - 2017       Radical Collaboration trainer certification (September 2016 - February 2017)

2013 – 2016      Kaospilots Switzerland. School for creative leaders, responsible entrepreneurs and change makers. Bern, Switzerland.

2013 – 2016      Council Guide Training Switzerland. Brienz, Switzerland.

2012 – 2013      Studying one year of the bachelor Film- og Medievidenskab at the University of Copenhagen. Copenhagen, Denmark.

2007 – 2010      Graduated from Skive Gymnasium, Skive, Denmark.

2006 – 2007      Eminence High School (Senior year). Kentucky, USA.  

1996 – 2006      Resen Folkeskole. Skive, Denmark. 

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