Research shows that 65% of jobs in the near future (next 30 years) are jobs we don’t know today, and half of the jobs we know about today, will disappear within 20 years. In 2010 25% of work was done by machines, in 2015 40% of work was done by machines. It means the work left for humans is more and more complex work. 

Unfortunately the current education system is designed to operate for the industrial age, and  will never be able to prepare people for, nor help them to succes in such a future.

Therefore we have to create a fundamental shift in the way we educate – ourselves and others. 

In my research project I am looking for answers to:


“How we can develop schools to become healthy, courageous and creative learning communities?” 

“How can we preserve the good that is there already, build on to this, and take it to the next level needed for these times of change we live in?” 

“What are the real necessary future skills? And how can these skills be better crafted in education?" 

If we should not face a crises of lacking essential human competencies in the near future, it is needed that we put on a more holistic attitude and start to see education not just as a preparation for how to succeed in an economy-driven world, but as a life process on how to discover our full potential and color range. 

The aim of this project is to support a future society in touch with its evolutionary purpose. A future where educations and organizations are more holistic, purposeful, human centered and seeks their highest potential.

My ongoing research project about

Responsive Education for the future

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