Educating the heart! 

One way to educate the heart is to bring the skills of social entrepreneurs into formal education. 


Did you know that the skills and competencies of entrepeneurs, often first materializes after reaching 30? How can we enable those competencies in our current students?


How can it be that education is not fostering an environment where more young people learn to believe in their leadership, bring more awareness to their personal creativity and to be more comfortable in failing?  


I work to evoke the social entrepreneurial spirit in young poeple!


The competencies of a social entrepreneur


- To foster the ability to lead yourself from within. 

- To navigate in ambiguity and complexity. 

- To fail more and learn from it. 

- To share more and try things out.

- To have a free and creative thinking.

- To believe more in your innovative character.

- To put things into ACTION.


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