Personal Sessions 

You want to be supported, to be mirrored, to be seen fully or to work deeper with your experience of everyday reality? You don’t want to go to therapy or book a traditional coaching session? You want to experience something that is both playful, helpful, serious, experiential and intelligent beyond yourself and your own personal problem? 


Then a session based on Process work might be something to try!


I am currently studying and practising process work. Therefore I can offer you to have a session with me. 


I provide you a safe space and a timeframe where we together explore your situation, using process work as the basic method. beside process work i will also use techniques and tools from the council guide training (a Native American tradition and approach for restoring wholeness and balance in individuals and in groups)


You pay what feels right or what you can. 

What is Process Work?

Processwork originally grew from Jungian psychology in the 1970s and 80s, when Arnold Mindell practiced at the Jung Institute in Zurich.

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Process work institute (Portland)


Institut für Prozessarbeit (Zürich) 

Influences on Processwork

Since its beginnings, Processwork has been shaped by many indigenous cultures’ wisdom, to which we all owe so much.  Most notably the Indigenous Australian knowledge of Dreamtime and the Chinese philosophy and practices of Taoism are fundamental to seeing the world through a Processwork lens.


Processwork Theory

The theory itself is elegant in its simplicity and application to any aspect of life.  As well as a tool for individual personal growth, Processwork’s model for identity and experience is equally useful for relationships and groups, both small and large, and any kind of conflict work.

Processwork understands human experience as a dreaming process which unfolds through sensory channels.  Our experiences are alive in Consensus (everyday) Reality as well as Dreamland – aspects of experience which are subjective and not necessarily agreed upon in a given culture.  At the deepest level, consciousness and reality spring from Essence, birthed and mediated by Process Mind, which is analogous to the ancient Chinese understanding of the Tao Which Cannot Be Said.

Processwork is Useful Everywhere

Processworkers everywhere use this empowering paradigm to facilitate growth and creativity in uncounted spheres.  From individual psychology and inner work, relationships and families, Processwork has found rich applications in coaching, organizational development, and large-scale conflicts.  One of the most exciting applications for our troubled times is World Work, where hundreds of people meet to work on global issues. There are also dancers, painters, writers and musicians using Processwork in creating and performing their arts.  Teachers apply the theory in the classroom, and nurses use it in the OR.  Anywhere there are humans, Processwork can be useful.

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