I want to be part of a world where more soulful and regenerative conversations takes place and where we deeply know how to have dialogue with one another about both painful and crucial topics. Therefore my work is about facilitating group processes and deeper dialogues, and to practise these skills everyday myself. 

My current work: AllesIstDialog

I am collaborating with collaboratio helvetica, where we offer dialogue evenings, dialogue workshop days and the dialogue facilitation training for educators. 

I am collaborating with Laeringsprojektet.dk as a trainer, facilitator and community developer. I also maintain and develop our pedagogical, theoretical and practical learning concepts and content.


I am an openminded, ambitious and cheerful person. I grew up with a set of values about living with compassion, being reliable, challenging the status quo, achieving the goals I set for myself and learning as much as possible each day.   

I am a person who dreams and struggles, loves and fails, suffers, celebrates and sometimes also wildely succeeds. Whatever taste life has at the moment, I am somebody who is passionate about staying as present with the human experience as possible. That's probably why I now love working with groups to explore the power of dialogue together.

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